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Poster: smgarcia Date: Apr 13, 2008 11:51am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: What do you think of my "Essential Grateful Dead?"

Lou, Grateful Dead Starter Kit is perfect. I'm going to use that. Thanks for the suggestion!

So I've added:

1968-10-12 - Avalon Ballroom, SF, CA (SBD)
1970-09-19 - Fillmore East, NYC, NY (SBD)
1971-08-06 - Hollywood Palladium, LA, CA (AUD)
1976-07-18 - Orpheum Theatre, SF, CA (SBD) (second set only as it's so unique).
1977-06-09 - Winterland Arena, SF, CA (SBD+)

and I booted one of the Hampton 89 shows, and the 10-2-1977 gig.

Now, regarding the Veneta show, I actually prefer the one a week earlier at the Berkeley Community Center (1972-08-21) as that Playin' In The Band is one of my personal favorites and I think that show overall has a more upbeat tempo and energy than Veneta. I'm considering swapping that one. Are you familiar with 8-21? Besides that I have 07-21-1972 and several Europe 1972 ones.

Speaking of Euro 1972, I have a handful of shows but I just haven't gotten around to listening to them in detail. So I'm not sure what's really good. I have:

1972-04-14 - Tivoli Theater
1972-05-03 - Olympia Theater
1972-05-11 - Rotterdam Civic Hall, Rotterdam, Netherlands (SBD)
1972-05-16 - Radio Luxembourg
1972-05-23 - The Strand Lyceum, London, England (SBD)
1972-05-26 - The Strand Lyceum

Lastly, I don't own any of the commercially released shows so I can't include them in this starter kit. :-)

This is so much fun, I've spent a ton of time over the past few days working on this. I just don't have enough space on the DVD! It's quite challenging, actually.

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Poster: Lou Davenport Date: Apr 13, 2008 2:14pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: What do you think of my "Essential Grateful Dead?"

I remember all the August Berkeley shows as having great playing, but it's been a while since I've listened to them, so they kind of blend together in my mind. I think I remember one of the shows having lesser sound quality than the others, but I can't remember which.

Most of my Europe 72 listening lately has been from the commercial releases. And the shows that stick out in my mind from non-commercial sources aren't in your list, except for Rotterdam, which has an amazing (longest-ever) Dark Star, but that may not be appropriate to a starter kit and the sound quality is only A-.

You're probably already thinking of this, but to keep your friend from being overwhelmed I'd point her to something like the top three shows to get started with. I personally would have her start with 5-25-77 since the first set is so astonishingly tight and the sound is so clean.

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Poster: smgarcia Date: Apr 13, 2008 2:33pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: What do you think of my "Essential Grateful Dead?"

Lou you are reading my mind. I have already constructed a GD Starting Kit Listening Guide. In the document I write a few quick notes about the band but then I say "If you only want 3 concerts to go on your iPod then take Veneta, Cornell, and Hampton 89" (I think it was Hampton but can't remember.)

I also give a brief description for each show, why I put it on there, and any nice tidbits. It really is a nice document. The top three might change...I am so enamored with 5-25-77 but Cornell is like Mt. Everest. It may not be the best mountain or most challenging to climb but it is the most famous. Know what I mean?

I'm also considering swapping Veneta for Berkeley. My Berkeley copy is fantastic. I don't know. It's like swaping 1a for 1b.

And for the guy who mentioned 10-1-94, this really is a very good show. I think I'm going keep it. But I am going to include Iko Iko from Spectrum 95, The Eleven, and a version of The Last Time on my "special" GD concert.

This whole thing brings me happiness. I started listening to the Dead about 3 years ago and it's the only thing I turn on now. They are such a talented, special band. Nothing compares as far as I know.

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Poster: AshesRising Date: Apr 18, 2008 1:13pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: What do you think of my "Essential Grateful Dead?"

smgarcia: I wish there were people like you in this world.

--- AshesRising